Steam Spy released a set of data today showing the recent active players in the various regions of the three games, "desperate to survive", "H1Z1" and "rainbow six".
As one of the most popular games of the moment, the active players of "desperate for survival: the big escape" have been steadily growing. The number of energetic players in China has been rising, especially from July in order to August, and by August has surpassed the United States, ranking first in the world.
In another game, "H1Z1", the number of active players in China offers surpassed that of america. We can see an interesting point from the image, which is roughly the number of productive Chinese players in the game from January to march this year. After mar, however , the number of lively players didn't grow so fast after the launch of "survival of the jedi".
The most active player on the planet in yubi's "rainbow six: siege" (Steam version) is still the usa, accounting for more than 20 percent of the total.
Tiongkok has the second highest number of active gamers, but it can be seen that the number is growing slowly.
In addition , Steam Spy has released another map showing the total length of daily games for all non-v social games on Steam through April 2015 to be able to August this year.
You can see from the picture that this daily game of "desperate to survive" is far more than other non-valve games on Vapor, and it continues to increase. "Survival of the jedi" not only dug into the corner of V society, but also consumed non-v club video games.
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