The rapid downfall of the Denial Esports organization continues as more of their players confirm they’re owed thousands of dollars in prize money, salary and even house payments.
The North American based brand have a long history within the competitive gaming world, Cheap H1z1 skins,including a number of successful lineups who have won major tournaments, such as their Call of Duty team winning the Advanced Warfare world championships in 2015.
As the esports industry has expanded, Refusal appears to have failed to grow in time, with multiple reports of their teams and management leaving due to mismanagement.
Esports journalist Richard Lewis released a new video on Sunday October 1st, confirming that despite previous claims by Disbelief that they had paid what they owed to their squads, players are still owed money.
Confirming that both the H1Z1 and CS: GO teams are still in arrears, he dropped the bombshell that Denial had stopped paying the bills on the CS: GO team house, leading to the players borrowing money from other sources in order to keep a roof above their heads.
“This is when the issue gets really bad, because apparently the team house that they’ve got, is meant to be paid for by the organization. But what the organization has done is that they’ve put player names on stuff like utility bills and everything else.
So all of a sudden, the players are having to find money to pay for rent on the home and pay the bills, for the house. They’ve told me they’ve had to borrow money and that they believe that currently, they’re probably out of pocket to about $50, 000 collectively across the board if you include salary, rent, utilities and everything else. ”
The Denial organization last Tweeted about the H1Z1’s situation on September 13th, but at the time of writing neither the official account or CEO Robby Ringalda have responded to requests for comment regarding the new revelations by Richard Lewis.
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