Cal, but could be the next real obstacle standing between Boise State and their NBA Live Mobile Coins annual claim to the BCS title game. (Special offer: claim to BCS title game is NBA Live Mobile Coins good for one bid to the Fiesta Bowl or other conciliatory at-large bid in non-title game matchup. Offer good for eternity, or as long as the BCS continues to shun Boise for schedule weakness but allows the Big East and ACC automatic bids.) Boise goes to
Reno on November 27th, and barring disaster between then will be undefeated coming into a game versus Nevada's thumping pistol offense (run as well as it's ever been run right now by Colin Kaepernick).M is for McElroy. Greg McElroy has never lost a game as a starter at
Alabama, a streak Alabama continued versus Arkansas. Streaks of a team variety keep going: it was Alabama's eighteenth in a row overall, and 28th straight in regular season play dating back to 2008. It was also the eighteenth week in a row you've heard this stat, because Alabama fans like to remind you of these things.N is for Norvell, Jay. The Oklahoma wide receivers coach who earned a 15 yard personal foul for using profane language with a referee.
If you doubt that "Jordan Rules" apply to coaches at the college level, watch Nick Saban "engage" an official with "argumentative rhetoric" in a "vivid and colorful fashion" and you will be proven wrong, since he and other head coaches routinely phosphoresce the air into a blue haze without penalty. Saban dropped a magnificent
"SON OF A BITCH" on air Saturday that stands in Buy NBA Live 18 Coins the pantheon of great lipread coaching profanities. (It's notthe gold standard, but it was choice.)O is for Officiating (Subjective) (Cont'd.) In another parallel with NBA officiating, Arizona State linebacker received a ticky-tack personal foul in the Arizona State/Oregon game due largely to his past history of racking up personal fouls, making him the Rasheed.
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