Signing Al Jefferson, Jarrett Jack and Kyle Korver? Why on Madden NFL 18 Coins Earth would we want to punish bad teams (and their fans)? Isn't being awful punishment enough?The anti-tank crowd will bash teams for not putting together a competitive team while bashing other teams for overpaying for Madden NFL 18 Coins marginal players. If we're going to "fix" tanking, focus on actual tanking.
Why on Earth would we want to punish bad teams (and their fans)? Isn't being awful punishment enough?The sentiment especially reeks coming from neutral or fans attached to other teams. If a team sucks, and the fans of that team understand why the team sucks and when it should get better, and the team loses gate receipts, prestige and attention accordingly, what right does a League Pass jockey have to get pissed and demand change? (And like watching the middle-of-the-pack playoff teams -- looking at you, Bucks, Hawks and Celtics -- was any more fun that viewing the Bobcats.
Suns and Wizards.) If there's anything for Adam Silver to do on this subject when he takes over, it's to address the acts of tanking through fines or perhaps more aggressive punishment. The question of what constitutes an act of tanking is not nearly as complicated when you strip all of the rebuilding stuff away.
Heck, include a warning system to set some boundaries. When a reporter says the Suns plan to scratch a healthy Dragic for two games, good ol' Stu Jackson can fire up his Batphone and threaten a fine. "Fake an injury like a real tanker," he says. It won't end the practice, but the practice pops up a handful of times every couple of years.The actual problem of tanking -- once you drill down and define "tanking" reasonably -- just isn't a big deal.
It's the conflation of rebuilding with Buy MUT 18 Coins tanking that makes it look so pervasive.More from SB Nation:• The NBA's top 90 free agents | All NBA free agency news• Grading the NBA free agent deals• Tyreke Evans and the suddenly hot free agent market• Rondo's on board with Boston's rebuild• NBA Draft 2013 grades and resultsBoston Celtics hire Brad Stevens as head coach -
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