Index of combustion increase rate is sample flaming the maximum that heat releases rate to be worth specific value of as corresponding as its time, use at burning behavior to classification. Index of combustion increase rate is older, explain material jumps over easy combustion, igneous force growth is rapidder, fire risk factor is higher.
The project of index of combustion increase rate that this second sampling observation appears is unqualified it is the requirement under national level, the fire retardant that may be man-made board is added not quite much, perhaps used the organic agglutinant of excessive, make combustion rate too rapid.
Flame retardant plywood has all in all effect to fire control safety. Average consumer is undertaking decorating decorating moment, should notice to examine the ply of flame retardant plywood, material to wait character, examine plank commodity itself to whether have the news such as norms model, grade, executive standard, whether does the information that examines commodity itself designation at the same time accord with commodity itself, choose the flame retardant plywood of quality reach a standard. In the meantime, examine to what agency asks for the flame retardant plywood of this model norms report certificate.
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