We recently wrote about autonomous driving in our News Section. The Chinese authorities had announced a new, more restrictive course. Due to concerns over safety, they will only allow practical testing in special testing zones. Previously, there were not many restrictions for the testing of self-driving cars on public streets.
The Chinese search engine operator Baidu launched a new development platform for self-driving cars: “Apollo”. It is planned to be opened in July this year. With this initiative, Baidu is looking for new partners in their autonomous program in order to speed up the development of autonomous driving and to build up its own autonomous driving system.
According to Baidu, the “Apollo” project will provide a complete hardware and software service solution that includes a vehicle platform, hardware platform, software and cloud data services. Baidu will also use open source code and capabilities in their obstacle perception, trajectory planning, vehicle control, vehicle operating systems and other functions, as well as a complete set of testing tools.
Baidu will be in direct competition with other companies working on autonomous driving such as Google and Tesla. It is strongly investing in research and development. Just as its competitors, the Chinese internet-giant has already successfully tested self-driving cars. In December 2015 a BMW 3 GT was modified and equipped with a laser-scanner on the roof. During its street-testing in Beijing’s city center, the vehicle had to master a 30km course. The route went through urban street networks and the city highway G 7. Baidu plans to offer fully autonomous driving for highways and city-level streets in 2020.
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