Guangdong of all kinds exhibit meeting, form a delegation appear on exposition of art of international of American los angeles, develop view of company of this locality annatto ceaselessly, to innovate development accumulates experience, also rose " Hai Yugong wood " in global famous spend and consequence.
The Cultural Festival still was held " marrow of culture of Su Zungong wood and inheritance " expert forum, Su Zunjing tastes a thing to sit on to exhibit, 50 anniversary exhibit golden bat, the activity of the rich and colorful such as contest of technical ability of Su Zunmu industry. In Su Zunmu industry technical ability surpasses the spot, the carpentry ace that comes from Hai Yu to press down industry of each bright red timber is the same as stage argue. Picture line, open aperture of rabbet, authentic, dig to expect.
the carpentry tool that 15 skillful craftsman use the convention such as authentic of handsaw, carpentry, plane, brushstroke delimits will a horse's hoof that timber became a piece of Zhang Jingmei is sufficient square stool. Dilettante watch the scene of bustle, adept guard the entrance. The match attracted the personage inside numerous course of study to stop view and emulate, skill improves in the process of study communication.
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