Here are 5 free online tools that will allow you to organize a free video conference with several participants in a screen sharing software (
Free Video Conference services still have some youthful flaws and are struggling to compete with more reliable and better professional services. But the difference is sometimes kept. The proof with these five services offered here that have the double advantage of being free and offering a flexible and light implementation from a simple Internet alternative to facetime ( )
1. ezTalks Cloud Meeting
ezTalks Cloud Meeting is an exceptional virtual collaboration tool that offers excellent cloud collaboration experience. It allows you to freely host online meetings comprising of up to 100 participants. The paid version can enable you to host up to 500-participants online meetings. You can make use of the private chat or group chat options to manage the accessibility of your company's communication.
1 - Liveminutes. We talked about it here on Collaborative Tools some time ago. Liveminutes is a good collaborative video conferencing tool. It goes far beyond that. Live Minutes allows you to share documents, images and video clips, while chatting with a sound of very good quality. The service also offers a shared whiteboard for brainstorming online. Link: LiveMinutesalternative to gotomeeting ( )
2 -Spreecast. More modest in these ambitions, Spreecast allows to set up in a few seconds a video chat. It also allows streaming. It allows dialogue between up to four participants. It also offers the possibility to chat in text format. We appreciated the opportunity to record the video conference for later broadcast. Link: collaboration( )
3 - EmeetMe. Here's a video conferencing service so simple that even your grandmother could use it without instructions. This is in any case the promise in words of this site rather general public. We talked about it here a few weeks ago. EmeetMe allows you to organize a free video conference with up to five participants. This service also offers the possibility to share a document or a file and even its screen with the other participants.Link: to make a conference call on iphone ( )
4 - We had devoted an article recently to this collaborative tool which shines by the quality of the video stream. Free up to five participants, offers a permanent online meeting room. All you have to do is share the single url to start your video conference. The service focuses on video with large previews. also allows you to take and keep notes in a personal block during meetings. Link: Meetings.iofree video chat apps ( )
5 - FaceFlow. A consumer video conference service for occasional exchanges from a flexible and easy to implement system. Video chat with text messaging for complete and fast exchanges. free screen sharing ( ) FaceFlow plays its part in this list by offering dedicated applications for your smartphone with versions for Blackberry, iOS and Android. Link: FaceFlow.