ezTalks Cloud Meeting
ezTalks Cloud Meeting allows you to join or even host online meeting at any place. The meeting app for business offers video conferencing option to join a meeting. You are able to easily and reliably attend an online meeting from your mobile device.
After logging in to ezTalks Cloud Meeting via Google account or a social media like Facebook, you are able to share screens and whiteboards with participants. During the meeting, the app allows you to chat with the attendees instantly. Other people can be invited by importing the contact list from your device and sharing with them. It allows you to monitor the meeting closely and note the number of participants. microsoft video conferencin (https://www.eztalks.com/video-conference/5-microsoft-video-conferencing-software.html )
Jitsi: Open Source Video Conferencing Tool
Jitsi is very clearly positioned as the free and free alternative of Skype. Originally named SIP Communicator, jistsi is able to interface with other instant messaging like Facebook Messenger and Google Hangout. As its name indicated at the time, jitsi uses Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) to establish audio and video communications over the Internet.best video conferencing for small business (https://www.eztalks.com/video-conference/best-video-conferencing-for-small-business.html )
In addition to the open source side, jitsi has 3 strong advantages over Skype:
Possibility to encrypt communications in ZRTP to preserve the confidentiality of your exchanges
Short URL to be sent to participants to quickly join the conference (eg https://mysite.com/maconference )
Conferencing live on YouTube. This feature is recent from October 2016.best alternative to facetime (https://www.eztalks.com/video-conference/android-alternative-to-facetime.html )
Google Hangout: 100% Online Videoconferencing
In terms of alternatives to Microsoft, no one does better than Google. With Google Hangout, the US publisher allows all of its users to deliver quality conferences from any modern web browser. The features are completely identical. We note however slightly more competitive rates on VoIP side Google. Like Skype, the number of participants in a meeting is limited to 25. On the other hand, in its Enterprise version, Skype significantly increases this ceiling, which Hangout does not do.
The main advantage of Google Hangout is its simplicity of use (nothing to install, unique URL to access a conference).alternative to gotomeeting (https://www.eztalks.com/video-conference/gotomeeting-alternative.html )
Google Hangout
Join.Me: Free web conferencing on the go
If you need to run a videoconference last minute with an audience outside your company Join Me is the solution. Why ? Because participants do not need a Join Me account or software to install such as Skype or Webex. The positioning of Join Me is simplicity: no problem preventing you from starting your conference in good conditions. Join me is ridiculously easy to use and is very well defended on the functional level: screen sharing, presenter change, whiteboard, etc. Everything is there. What impresses most Join Me users is immediate access to a conference with the code delivered by the presenter. Join Me is limited to 10 participants in its free version and can go up to 250 with the Business version. google hangouts alternative (https://www.eztalks.com/video-conference/google-hangouts-alternative.html )
Join Me
Talky: minimalist and unaccountable videoconferencing
Talky is a new service that allows you to start an audio and video conference in 3 steps only:
Go to talky.io and enter a name for your conference
Send the talky link to the participants so they can join the room
Start your videoconference
Talky is free and it is the simplest solution of this list. On the other hand this solution is not as mature as its competitors and the functional coverage of talky is very limited: impossible to change presenter, no whiteboard, etc. Talky is a tool that is instant, effective and free. join me alternative (https://www.eztalks.com/video-conference/join-me-alternatives.html )