He’ll have to improve defensively to keep Purdue’s defense elite, but he’s capable of doing it.Swanigan’s length (7’3 wingspan) also makes him a major asset down low. He’s comfortable scoring with his back to the basket but also has a better face-up game than many realize. Last year,
Swanigan attempted 72 threes and made 29 percent of them. That might not sound terribly impressive, but consider that fellow freshman Jaylen Brown made 29 percent of 102 attempts as a wing and was still the third pick in the draft. If Swanigan can extend at NBA Live Coins his range, he’ll have every opportunity to be college basketball’s Kevin Love — a tremendous rebounder with an inside-out offensive game to match.To open things up inside for Haas and Swanigan, Purdue will need shooters on the perimeter.
That’s where Dakota Mathias (38 percent from three), P.J. Thompson (41 percent), and Ryan Cline (39 percent) come in. If the big men can get the ball moving when double teams inevitably come crashing down in the paint, the shooters should have plenty of opportunities.
How the Boilermakers can go home early: A lack of creators off the dribble and front court depthPour one out for Chris Kramer and Lewis Jackson because point guard has been Purdue’s biggest problem area for a few years now, save for NBA Live Mobile Coins cheap one glorious season from Jon Octeus as a grad transfer.P.J.
Thompson will get the first crack at the job after an impressive sophomore year that saw him place No. 3 in the country in offensive rating, per KenPom.
The problem is that he’s only 5’10, isn’t a natural playmaker and struggles to defend bigger lead guards. Carsen Edwards -- the No. 88 recruit in the class of 2016 -- is waiting in the wings as the point guard of the future. He’s another score-first guard, but will he be able to contribute right away?More than anything, Painter has to pray Haas and Swanigan stay healthy at https://www.buynba2k.com/
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